English chamois , 100cm x 70cm full size XL ( A Grade )

Hand finished on Exmoor , nice and thick good quality with no imperfections, 100% full oil dressed

Exmoor Sheepskins prides itself with its products and continues to reduce its carbon footprint selling UK products.

Chamois have been our best selling product for the past 50 years, we have never had one returned to the shop !

The chamois industry , like many others, has suffered in the UK with most chamois skins being processed in Asia. During this process chamois skins are stretched reducing the thickness of the product but doubling the size. This means more return for the wholesaler but limits the durability of the skin .

As this chamois is XL some customers cut them in half to about a tea towel size , this means you get more for your money ..

Simply wet the chamois in warm water , rinse out and your ready to wipe down your wet car or windows.

After use hang up away from sunlight.